State Officers

COJCL State Officers:  Please send questions to !

2023-2024 Officers:

President - Madeline Wisneski (Holy Family High School)

Vice-President:  Riley Carlson (Liberty)

Secretary:  Sterling Smith (Holy Family High School)

Editor:  Glenna (Liberty)

Treasurer:  Vacant!

Parliamentarian:  Kaylla Schroder (LCHS)

Historian:  Emanuel Asaf Morales-Gomez


Application for State Office:  Download the application form here.


Duties of State Officers 


1)    All officers are expected to attend all Executive Board meeting and State Events as established in the annual COJCL calendar. Officers who miss an Executive Board meeting will be asked to resign their position.  Executive Board meetings are held at an agreed-upon time, often a Sunday afternoon, in "summer" (May-August), "fall" (Sept-Oct), and February (soon after 2/14, the due date for Convention registrations).

2)    All officers are expected to attend Convention from 8 p.m. on Wednesday to 11:30 a.m. on Friday.  Officers not attending or leaving early will be asked to resign their position, and their school will lose 100 spirit points.

3)    Officers may miss Fall Forum and Ludi Augusti, but schools whose officers attend these events will earn 10 spirit points per officer attending.

4)    All officers are expected to maintain and update as needed the files (physical or electronic) essential to the performance of their duties.

5)    All officers are expected to represent the best traditions of COJCL in dress, speech and action.




1. Presides at all meetings of COJCL.

2. Provides an agenda and leadership for executive board meetings.

3. Plans, with the executive board, the program for Fall Forum, Ludi Augusti, the COJCL Convention, and other state events.

4. Is responsible, with the executive committee, for setting up the site of the COJCL Convention.

Vice President

1. Takes the place of the President in his or her absence.

2. Seeks to increase awareness of COJCL and its purpose, and to boost membership.

a. Advertises COJCL activities within the state.

b. Encourages chapters to use more publicity within their schools.

c. Keeps records of chapters’ publicity items and spirit points as part of the state Spirit competition.

3.Sets and publicizes criteria and results for the state Spirit competition.


1. Edits and publishes the COJCL newsletter, Colorado Torch, four times a year by these dates: September 15, December 1, March 1, and May 15.

a. Assigns articles to be written by other state officers.

b. Solicits articles and items from individual chapters.

2. Edits the state convention program. 


1. Takes and maintains minutes at all meetings; including distribution to all Executive Board members and chapter sponsors.

2. Facilitates correspondence by helping the cochair update COJCL physical and electronic mailing lists.

3. Helps the cochair prepare nametags and other documents for spring convention.

4. Prepares and distributes attendance reports for all meetings and events


1. Takes leadership in planning, publicizing and running any fundraising activities. (Fundraising activities are not required.)

2. Keeps accurate accounts of COJCL operating funds; evaluates proposals affecting the COJCL budget.

3. Sends notifications by November 15 to all chapters, reminding them to pay dues by      December 1.

4. Sends each chapter’s sponsor a written confirmation letter upon receipt of that chapter’s registration forms and dues payment.


1. Advises all Executive Board members of parliamentary procedures; ensures operation of parliamentary procedure at all meetings.

2. Actively recruits officer candidates.

3. Ascertains that all candidates are qualified per constitution.

4. Prepares an accurate ballot and supervises election of new officers at COJCL Convention.


1. Contacts chapters to solicit material on local activities for scrapbook.

2. Assembles scrapbook for the year, including chapter and state activities.

3. Prepares scrapbook for national contest, being sure to adhere to the judging criteria published by the NJCL Historian.

4. May publicize and run a scrapbook competition for local chapters at the state convention.


1. (Working with the State Co-Chair) Maintains and updates functionality, content, and visual appeal of the COJCL website (student side), as a primary means of communicating information to interested parties.

2. Working with the State Co-Chair) Prepares electronic mailing lists for the COJCL Executive Board, Sponsors, and membership (and scantron sheets & nametags/lanyards for Convention).

3. (Major Role!)  Assists in running all electronic equipment and related materials needed for state convention and other events.  Related materials include any PowerPoints or music/video playlists to be used.

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