State CoChairs

State CoChairs

Kimberly Clouser, Liberty Common School

Jennifer Kepley, Liberty Common School

Bleys Kueck, The Classical Academy

2017 CCA Teacher of the Year



A candidate for Colorado Junior Classical League chair must be a current member of The American Classical League, a Colorado sponsor of a chapter in good standing, and a Colorado resident. 2 chairs shall be elected for 4 year terms, staggered every 2 years. Election will be by a majority of Colorado Junior Classical League local chapter sponsors. In a situation where there are no willing candidates, a co-chair may be re-appointed for additional terms under the same conditions he or she was elected under for the first term.

             Two COJCL sponsors serve as Chairs for staggered four-year terms to provide general organization and leadership for COJCL, to direct the activities for the student officers, and to coordinate all plans for the COJCL Convention and the National JCL Convention.

            An outgoing Chairman is asked to serve for a fifth year as Advisor to the Chairmen in order to ensure a smooth transition of leadership.

            It is important for at least one of the State Chairmen to attend the National Convention annually.

Duties of Co-Chairs 

            The following outline will assist the Co-Chairs in planning their annual responsibilities.



  • Attend, if possible, the National Convention with Colorado delegates and sponsors, or designate a sponsor to take the delegation.
  • Update the address list and make needed revisions in the handbook.
  • Provide post-convention publicity to appropriate local newsletters.
  • Create and distribute a calendar for the year’s events.


  • Review sign-up sheets for test writers and other convention contest judges.
  •  Supervise the production of the first Colorado Torch, which should include a report on the National Convention and information on Fall Forum.
  • Meet with officers about their attendance and roles in state events, as well as to plan Fall Forum.
  • Make sure sponsor of the host school for the Fall Forum is organizing signs, refreshments, name tags, and room reservations.


  • Attend the Fall Forum and confirm duties of contest judges.
  • Send out letters or make calls to obtain a full slate of volunteers to write tests and judge other contests.
  • Distribute COJCL and NJCL chapter registration forms and other essential documents by mail, if possible (or give out at Fall Forum). (Calendar of Events, Sponsor/Chapter List, Handbook & Constitution, Sponsor’s Checklist, Officers’ Contact List).
  • Remind secretary to thank host school.


  • Confirm reservations with YMCA, if not already done.
  • Obtain YMCA’s Certificate of Insurance to distribute to sponsors.
  • Investigate Event insurance for COJCL Convention.


  • Work with officers in organizing January Ludi.
  • Revise and copy State Convention Registration packets; work with Machinator to finalize on-line registration details.
  • Update COJCL Chapter list; remind Treasurer to send confirmation of registered chapters.
  • Make sure sponsor of the host school for the Ludi is organizing signs, refreshments, name tags, and room reservations.


  • Attend January Ludi and prepare packets for distribution; mail out packets to those who did not pick up registration packets in person.
  • Crosscheck COJCL and NJCL registrations; advise delinquent chapters.


  • Order ribbons and trophies, as well as Scantron answer sheets and #2 pencils
  • Make plans for the use of Scantron machines for grading tests and a printer/copier/scanner for printing results and during Convention.
  • Confirm submission of tests and judging assignments.
  • Review judges’ instructions for all convention events; update contest information and scoring sheets.
  • Design convention schedule with officers; supervise production of convention program with editor.


  • Receive chapter registrations and tally information.
  • Hold Convention Planning Meeting with officers.
  • Give contest information to Contest Co-Ordinator(s).
  • Contact all test writers and contest judges about numbers of students registered; remind all judges of their commitments; assign sponsors and chaperone duties.
  • Assign roommates.
  • Confirm delegate numbers and room/facility and A/V needs with YMCA Camp.
  • Copy judging sheets and project registration forms; obtain needed supplies for Art and Olympika contests.
  • Get pre-convention contests judged; give winning cover design and poem to the editor.
  • Order T-Shirts and duckies.


  • Make final arrangements.
  • Make programs and send one to the YMCA Camp.
  • See that Parliamentarian has made and copied ballots and data on officer candidates.
  • Arrive at Convention a day early with officers to stuff packets and make other preparations.
  • Man the registration table.
  • Oversee all judging of contests and tallying of results.
  • Preside over Sponsors’ Meeting.
  • Announce winners at final assembly and distribute awards.
  • Pay YMCA Camp for convention costs and make tentative reservations for next year.


  • Help with state delegation plans for National Convention.
  • Publicize the Convention in appropriate classics and foreign language newsletters.
  • Supervise production of the last Colorado Torch with contest and election results and information on the National Convention.
  • Coordinate state delegation plans for National Convention.
  • Hold a meeting for both old and new officers to hand over notebooks and electronic files.

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