COJCL Student F.A.Q.

How do I join COJCL?

  • As a public/private/charter school student, ask a Latin, Greek, or classics (history, philosophy) teacher to contact about starting a chapter. Dues are $20 to establish the chapter (annually) + $5 per student member. The teacher will be asked to submit some Certamen or academic test questions and/or assume other responsibilities at State Convention if your chapter is attending.
  • As a homeschooler, have a parent/guardian contact about starting a chapter. The parent/guardian will be asked to assume some responsibilities at State Convention if you're attending.

Why should I join COJCL?

  • Members are able to attend State Convention, which is not only fun and motivational (my students call it the highlight of their year!) but also offers you chances to win dozens of awards to help you demonstrate your knowledge and skills on college applications.  Some small scholarships are also awarded at Convention.
  • Members can attend National Convention in the summer - see NJCL's Convention pages for details!
  • Members can also be nominated to join the National Latin Honor Society or the National Greek Honor Society (no obligations to fulfill after joining, but a nice recognition to have earned).
  • Members have access to resources that help you prepare for a dozen contests that COJCL/NJCL students can take:  The National Latin Exam, the National Latin Vocabulary Exam, the National Greek Exam, the Exploratory Latin Exam, the National Roman Civilization Exam, the National Hellenic Civilization Exam, the National Classical Etymology Exam, the Pegasus myth exam, the Medusa myth exam, the SCRIBO contest, other creative writing contests, and the CAMWS Latin Translation Contest. Please LOG IN to your account to access the resources.

Other questions?  Please contact

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