COJCL State Events

State Events!

September:  Fall Forum or CU Classics Day

December 1:  All chapter registrations due!  (Individual members can be added until 2/14.)

January:  Lūdī (game days), hosted by various schools.

March 1:  All PRE-CONVENTION Entries and Convention Registrations due, as well as any memberships for students joining their chapter late.

April 6, 2024:  State Convention in Fort Collins, hosted by Liberty Common High School

  • PreConvention Event Information:  Program Cover, T-shirt Design, Essay, Poetry, Board Game
  • Arts and Handicrafts Information:  Map, Chart, Promotional Poster, Mosaic, Sculpture, Pottery, Large Model, Small Model, Handmade Dolls, Jewelry, Decorative Stitching, Other Textiles, Miscellaneous, Greeting Card, Cartoons, Water Color, Oil/Acrylic, Charcoal, Ink, Pencil, Pastel, Mixed Media, Traditional Photography, Computer-Enhanced Photography , Militaria
  • Olympika Information:  Laocoon’s Javelin, Perseus’ Discus, Deucalion’s/Pyrrha’s Throw, Atalanta’s Race, Psyche’s Task, Pheidippides’ Run, Leander’s Hellespont, Hercules’ Thirteenth Labor, Nessus’ Shirt, Neptune Returns
  • Academic Test Information:  Reading Comprehension, Latin Grammar, Vocabulary, Derivatives, Mythology, Roman History, Greek History, Mottoes and Proverbs, Latin Literature, Decathlon, Roman Daily Life, Ancient Geography
  • Performing Arts Information:  English Oratory, Dramatic Interpretation, Latin Oratory, Skit, Drama, Costume
  • Certamen Information:  Lower Level & Upper Level
  • Catapult: Medium- and Large- sized machines judged for distance and consistency.
  • Scrapbook: Local chapters may submit their scrapbooks for judging.

July:  Nationals, if we're attending!


Annual Events:

Fall Forum

            In October, the Colorado Junior Classical League will hold a Saturday meeting to make plans for the year’s events, as well as for the spring COJCL Convention. Although all sponsors and local officers or representatives are welcome to attend, at least two delegates from each chapter are expected to be present.

            The Fall Forum is designed to welcome new clubs to the organization and to provide guidance and support for all members. The COJCL Officers will present workshops designed to assist local chapters with fund-raising, membership, leadership and activity ideas. Planning for the year’s state events, including the spring convention, will be on the agenda. Fun, community-building activities are also a part of Fall Forum so that members of various chapters can participate in friendly and welcoming interactions.

            In addition, delegates to the past summer’s NJCL convention will report on their trip; preliminary plans for the upcoming NJCL Convention are also announced.

During the students’ activities, sponsors meet to discuss current issues and upcoming events.

Annual Events:

Ludi Augusti

            In January, the Colorado Junior Classical League will hold a Saturday meeting to make engage in fun competitions and informative workshops, as well as to solidify preparation for the spring COJCL Convention. 

            The Ludi Augusti event is designed to promote familiarity with and enthusiasm for the contests at State Convention. The COJCL Officers will moderate games such as Certamen, Jeopardy in addition to Olympika-style competitions. It has also been a tradition to invite a guest speaker to give an informative presentation on the study of ancient civilizations.

During the students’ activities, sponsors meet to discuss current issues and upcoming events.

Annual Events:

State Convention 

          The COJCL Convention is held every spring. The convention opens on a Thursday morning and is adjourned Friday at about noon. Pre-registered delegations from any JCL Chapter in good standing in Colorado are welcome to attend, as are those from nearby states which do not hold their own conventions.

            The convention opens and closes with a full assembly of delegations. Activities during the two days include contests, awards, speakers, a talent show, a bazaar, a dance and/or other entertainment, scholarship awards, and the election of new officers.

            All individual delegates must be current members of both COJCL and NJCL. The registration fee for students, sponsors, and chaperones will be printed in the registration packet. It covers room and board at the Y Camp and pays for activities and entertainment provided during the convention.

            A registration packet is mailed to each chapter approximately two months before the convention and must be turned in with only one check for the entire chapter by the stated deadline. No late packets will be accepted. Period. Packets submitted late will be returned unopened.

            Participants should plan to bring the following items: casual clothing, a jacket or coat, personal items and toiletries, a #2 pencil for written tests, any costumes or projects for contests, swimsuit or other gear for Olympics competition, and spending money for snacks, etc. The Y Camp supplies towels and bedding.

State Convention Rules 

            It is important that convention delegates be well-chaperoned so that all participants can enjoy themselves. Each delegation must have one adult female chaperone for every ten girls and one adult male chaperone for every ten boys. For example, a chapter sending thirteen girls and eight boys must have two women and one man in charge. Each chapter is responsible for obtaining its own chaperones. A chapter may share chaperones with another school as long as the ratio of chaperones to students of the same sex remains one to ten.

            For reasons of safety and liability, no children under the age of twelve may attend the convention either as delegates, children of delegates, or children of chaperones.

            Sponsors and chaperones have an obligation to supervise members of their delegations. Delegates are expected to represent their schools well by participating actively in the convention. It is strongly suggested that sponsors not bring students who have no plans to participate. Smoking at the convention is forbidden. Any damage to rooms at the Y Camp will be charged to the chapter that occupied that room.

            Students who register for the convention must submit a form indicating the approval of their parents as well as the student’s willingness to follow the rules of the convention.

            1. No use or possession of alcohol or drugs.

            2. No driving of cars by students between arrival and departure.

            3. No members of the opposite sex in the same dorm room unless a chaperone or

sponsor is also present.

            4. Adherence to curfew times stated in the convention program.

            Any reported infractions will be heard by a disciplinary board made up of the state officers, the state chairmen, a parent chaperone, and an impartial sponsor. A delegate found to have broken a rule will be disqualified from competition and will not be eligible to receive any ribbons. In addition, his school will not be permitted to attend the convention the following year.

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