Rules for Olympics Field Events

            Each school may enter up to two teams or individuals per event. 

Mixed-School teams are welcome and will be created for you when you register fewer than enough students to fill a team.

Laocoon’s Javelin (Small)

            An individual event. Each competitor throws a toothpick for distance. Toothpicks are provided.

Laocoon’s Javelin (Large)

            An individual event. Each competitor throws a pool noodle for distance. Pool noodles are provided.

Perseus’ Discus

            An individual event where the competitor throws an aluminum pie plate for distance. Pie plates are provided.

Deucalion’s/Pyrrha’s Throw

            Deucalion’s Throw is a competition for males; Pyrrha’s Throw is for females. The individual stands and throws a rock straight backwards over his shoulder. A right-hander must throw over his right shoulder and a left-hander over the left shoulder. The longest throw wins.

Atalanta’s Race

            A four-person team relay race. Each team member must run one length while holding three apples and pass them to the next runner. Apples are provided.

Psyche’s Task

            A race between teams of two people to separate a pile of “seeds,” i.e., different types of beans and grains of rice.

Pheidippides’ Run

            An individual event. Competitors run a foot race of approximately one mile’s length around the convention site.

Rules for Olympics Pool Events 

Pool Events were cut for 2019-2022; they may return in 2023.

            Chapters are limited to two teams or individuals per event. Members of the winning teams each win individual points.

Leander’s Hellespont

            A four-person relay race. Each person dribbles a balloon in the water for one pool length. The balloon must be kept no more than 6” to 8” in front of the hands.

Hercules’ Thirteenth Labor

            A four-person relay race. Each person reads a newspaper aloud while swimming on his back for one pool length.

Nessus’ Shirt

            A four-person relay race. Each team has a sweat shirt and pair of sweat pants which team members take turns wearing for their laps. Each person must put on the sweats without help and swim the length of the pool, get out of the pool without aid, and then remove the sweat suit for the next team member to wear. Swimmers must put their arms in the sweat shirt and pull the sweat pants up to the waist. If the pants come off in the water, they must be retrieved. 

PAST EVENT (cut in 2016):  Neptune Returns

            A co-ed relay race. After swimming one length of the pool, each person drinks a cup of Kool-aid. After completion, the next team member enters the water to swim his lengths.

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