Academic Tests

Academic Test Criteria 

            Written examinations are given in twelve different categories. A student may take up to three different tests at the convention.

            In each category all students take a single exam, but separate awards are made to the top five placers in each level: Latin 1, 2, 3, and 4+.Awards are also given for the first five places overall in each test, regardless of level. The exception is the Reading Comprehension exam which tests sight-translation of a Latin passage and requires a different version for each level (Levels 1, 2, and 3+).Thus no overall awards are given for students taking a Reading Comprehension test.

            If any of the top five scores in a level is significantly lower than top five scores for the next lower level, an award is not given. For example, if the 5th highest score at the Latin 2 level is 71%, and the third highest score at the Latin 3 level is 65%, there will be no ribbon awarded for the third place in Latin 3.

            In addition to the eleven test categories, there is a Decathlon exam which combines questions from all the other content areas.

            Each exam except Reading Comprehension has 80 questions, all objective, ranging from easy to moderately difficult to difficult. Each exam will include material normally taught in four to five years of Latin as well as information usually found only by individual student research. Reading Comprehension exams should be based on a minimum of three passages and have 50 questions.

            Scantron answer sheets and a Scantron grading machine are used for the testing. Students must bring their own #2 pencils.

            At the end of the convention every sponsor will receive a copy and key for each exam given, as well as the answer sheets of each of his students.

Sample Tests:  (Log in to see the keys and many more old tests that you can study from!)

Ancient Geography 2012
Decathlon 2012
Derivatives 2012
Grammar 2012
Greek History 2012
Latin Literature 2012
Mottoes and Proverbs 2012
Mythology 2012
Reading Comprehension Level 1 2012
Reading Comprehension Level 2 2012
Reading Comprehension Level 3+ 2012
Roman Daily Life 2012
Roman History 2012
Vocabulary (Latin) 2012

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